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Metal Home steel framed kits

 ...are easy to assemble, strong enough to resist storms, virtually termite proof, and much more fire resistant than traditional wood frame construction. Designed for the Do-It-Yourself builder, as well as for seasoned builders, Metal Home Kits offer construction that is solid, fast, and easy.

All our packages are pre-engineered and manufactured for easy assembly. Structural parts are labeled clearly and consistently to make assembly quick and easy.  Drawings and plans are available prior to ordering your all steel home, so you can get an early start.

The steel framework is so strong, no interior wall needs to be a load bearing wall, so you can add, remove, or relocate any interior wall to fully customize your new home the way you like it.

Since steel doesn’t shrink, warp, or twist, your walls stay straight and true.

steel framed homes metal framed homes

Metal Home Kits
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